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Born in Brazil in the state of Sao Paulo, Rosane Baptistella was passionated about painting from a very early age..

Throughout her adolescence, she took various painting courses in workshops, where she learned various technics (watercolour, oil and painting on porcelain).

With an ever-increasing desire to share her dreams, the artist decided to perfect her technique at the School of art. (Sao Paulo state).

Her encounter with the great Brazilian painter of Japanese origin, M. WAKAO, revealed to her the creative potential of impressionist-inspired painting on porcelain. Seduced by it great freedom of interpretation and it proximity to oil painting, Rosane Baptistella continues to explore the pictorial
limits of this so-called American technique. A complex technique that she explains in her book entitled American Technique on Porcelain, published by Ulisse édition, collection "Atelier" in 2003.

The desire to devote her life to her art is obvious to her. In 1984, the artist moved to France to pursue her passion. For many years, passionate about the arts of fire, she worked in the field of high decoration and created original decorations on earthenware tiles for bathrooms, kitchens etc. Creations of different styles that required a lot of adaptation and personal research.

Although this work is artistically very enriching, the artist dreamed of devoting herself to her own research and sharing her passion by offering courses and seminars in her own studio or in the provinces.

Today, settled in her studio in Saint-Mandé (94), she paints on canvas, wood and porcelain and shares her passion with many students.

Inspired by the evocative forces of nature, she dedicated herself to the exaltation of the art of painting and took up a new training inorder to develop other themes and subjects.While improving her knowledge, she approached the painting of the great masters of the Renaissance, Impressionism and
Symbolism, whom she admired and who are great sources of inspiration.

Like a lyrical artist, the painter is nourished by the elements that surround her. Everything that appeals to light and its effects: the reflections on the water, the brilliance of metals, the rising and setting sun, the contrasts of backlighting... are a pretext for creation.Evolving around dreams and imagination, her creations are an hymn to nature and the body. By a light pastel, blurred light, the artist transforms the landscape into a dreamlike, wonderful landscape that sometimes tends towards the fantastic. Her dreamlike universe is an invitation to fantasy.

Rosane Baptistella lets her brush slip to the rhythm of her emotions... The artist's creations are charming silent poems...

Des oeuvres primées



Since 2010, Rosane Baptistella exhibits her creations in international exhibitions. His originality and his reinterpretation of reality have been many awards.


In 2011 in Porto (Portug), she received the Honorable Mention for her "Salome Dance" vase, inspired by Gustave Moreau's painting.

Vase Salomé danse
Vase Salomé danse

In 2012, the painting and the vase "Reflection of gold and silver" won the Primmo premio absolutto "in Varese in Italy.

Tableau Reflet d'or et d'argent
Vase Reflet d'or et d'argent.png

The painting "Reflection of gold and silver" received once again the first prize, in 2016 at the Salon de Montfermeil (France), as well as the paintings "Un Soir à Venise", "Promesse" and "Messagère".

Tableau Mensongère
Tableau Un soir à venise
Tableau Promesse
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